Videography Package up for grabs!

Hi all! Next on the list, I have a videography package for those who might be interested!

I just had to take RedTape Projects of course! Personally met the wonderful husband and wife who I believe started the company. Man, I am telling you, they’re the most easy going, most humble people you are ever going to meet! They are the so the gerek one!

I’ve spoken to Nurul who is, one half of the power couple, and she has approved of this package’s transfer. However, the package needs to be utilised within 1 year till October 2016.

The package I took was their Elegant Package ($1,980) that includes:

  • 8 – 10 hours of coverage
  • 2 on -site videographers
  • Up to 30 minutes full video
  • Full HD video coverage
  • 1 exclusive 8GB thumb drive

Here are the the details:

Cost of package: $1,980

Deposit made: $600

Remaining balance: $1,380

I’ll be passing over the package to you for $450! That’s a loss of $150 for me, but hey, my loss is your gain!

To see more of  RedTape Projects works, please click on the link below!

Facebook: Red Tape Projects

Instagram: redtapeprojects


* Please note that ALL the packages that I’m letting go are definitely negotiable, so please don’t be too paiseh to mintak kurang, I AM VERY FRIENDLY! =P

For reference, here’s RedTape’s prices that I got in 2014, though I cannot guarantee their rates are the same for this year:


Drop me an email at if you guys are interested! I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions! =)




Pre-Wedding Package by Bliss Photo+Cinema

Good morning beautiful people!

I have a pre-wedding package up for grabs. Package is inclusive of:

  • Up to 4 hours of service
  • 8X12 flushmount album (20 pages)
  • 12X18 canvas
  • 50 edited images
  • 1 pc disc of images

Photographer will be the amazing Nazri himself, so consider yourself lucky!

I have contacted Nazri himself , and he has agreed to allow a transfer of package on your choice of selected dates.

Total cost of package: $1,050

Deposit already paid: $500

50% balance too be paid on date of photography: $275

Rest of the remaining balance to be paid upon collection of products: $275

Am selling this package to you @ $400. That’s already a discount of $100!

Therefore, the total cost of the entire package that you’ll be getting is $950. That’s not too shabby ey? 😉

If you don’t know or haven’t heard of Bliss Photo+Cinema, you HAVE to check them out. They’re AMAZE-BALLS. You can view their works on :

Facebook: Bliss Photo+Cinema

Instagram: blissphotocinema

View Nazri’s awesome work here! :

Please contact me at if you guys are interested! I’ll try my best to reply as soon as I can! =)



Less than 3 months to the wedding.

You know they say it gets harder with every step. When your feet starts failing as you try to make your way towards the finishing line. Just when you thought your relationship was rock solid, and you’ve managed to get back up after so many stumbles, you fall deep and you find yourself 10 feet beneath the ground.

I have never ever in my life felt so physically, mentally and emotionally drained.

Oh and did I also mention that my birthday’s in 2 weeks?


*Thank you for your comforting comments my dear BTBs, you guys are an amazing bunch and I know you know that too.* =)

Hi, it’s been a while.

So the wedding has been completely called off.

Currently in an unmeasurable amount of pain, but I know I’ll get through.

I hope this post didn’t manage to dampen your Monday.

Just wanted to let you know I have several packages that I’ll be letting go (at a discounted rate of course). Pre-wed packages, photobooth packages, the whole shenanigan basically.

Watch this space, I’ll be providing you guys with more information. =)

Thank you Providence



There it is. There’s my silver lining. =)
#biglittlesister #daddy

Secret Photos

Hi all! Today I am super unproductive in the office, hence this post.

I think I am going to die of exhaustion.

But it was all well worth it since I got to work with such a lovely bride yesterday. So patient, so kind, so sweet. You know, traits that I see in myself. HAHAHAHHAHAA. Diam sudah.

But in all seriousness, if there were more brides like Wardah, wahh..the world would be a beautiful place.

Anyway, these are the secret photos below which (most) did not make it on our official FB/Instagram because they said my phone sucks and the lighting in my photos tak pass the quality check process. Sheesh! You all don’t paoto me ah…later I cannot post secret photos anymore! =(

So I damn bopian, I needed to post these photos somewhere because I am Queen when it comes to losing phones. I can’t store photos in there fuh-evarr anyway what!

P.S. Kak Yana, if you are spying and reading this, give chance lah. K thanks. =’ )

11295577_892188200847209_9204313206121252009_n 11295851_892306654168697_2688818948977382330_n CYMERA_20150601_100315CYMERA_20150601_100544 CYMERA_20150601_100417   CYMERA_20150601_100607IMG-20150601-WA0006(1)Ok dah, dah habes. (BTW I can still take freelance assignments until end of July! FYI!)


Bunny ❤

A penny for my thoughts.

It has come to my attention that you alls sumer rajin2 belaka eh buat barang DIY. Thanks la for making me feel so…so..un-resourceful and un-creative! Hahahaa.

But jokes aside, I really do have a new-found admiration and respect for them brides-to-be who still find time to DIY their stuff. I also want! But seeing that I almost work 7 days a week, very tak payah lah.

Also I have randomly decided that my ‘bridesmaids’ (lol since many are on the topic of bridesmaids) are going to be my 3 younger sisters (all not so young already) because I can, dengan senang hati, maki hamun my bridesmaids as and when I please. And the best part is they cannot hold a grudge, because sisters what. Lulz. And also I am super authoritative a.k.a nazi-ville and they have lived with me for more than 2 decades so, they won’t amik hati and probably will ignore me anyway. =(

OK. Maybe this is a bad idea.


Bunny ❤

Help us, help them!

Join me in taking part in this particular charity work for the kids of Syria called Shoebox4Syria. You only need to fill up a shoebox or two with items that these kids might need to celebrate their EID.

The aim is to collect 10,000 shoeboxes full of presents and send them to the children of Syria so they can celebrate and have a Happy Eid 2015!


What box?

  • Any shoebox will do, size doesn’t matter
  • Please ensure that shoebox has a lid
  • When wrapping the box, please wrap the lid and box separately (to allow checking of items) . You may use an elastic band to seal it.

You may leave your filled shoeboxes with me or send them directly to 71 Bukit Batok Crescent #06-10 Prestige Centre (Tues-Thurs, 1pm-7pm)  before 16 April 2015 where a representative will help send the boxes to England and then off to Syria, in time for Eid! =)

For more information, you can visit:

(A colleague who studied in Syria came up to me a few minutes ago and informed that the school she once studied in had just been bombed 3 weeks ago. =( Makes me want to do more, don’t you?)


Bunny ❤

Better to Perah than to kena Prekkk!!!


Sometimes, benda gini tak payah ajar lah kan. Nanti aku dah ajar, orang panggil aku kurang ajar.

(Hahaha with a tinge of haiz.)

I get that these vendors might be busy but agak-agak lah wey 5 days later baru nak reply. Tu pon aku prompt. Kalau tak?

I also get that you have a thousand and one (oh tak eh?) orders coming in, but to that single BTB, you’re the only one (wedding cake) vendor she has carefully selected and booked so jangan lah buat orang menggila babs unnecessarily. Doesn’t take 5 seconds to acknowledge a text message…and DONE. BTB happy kau happy semua orang happy. *throws confetti in ya face*

Korang faham kan gitewww? Am I being so absurd?


Bunny ❤


You guys! Thank you so much for the well wishes and words of encouragement. If I could give you guys a virtual hug, I totally would.

Oh wait. Yes, YES I CAN!


At the risk of sounding completely cheesy, I do love the BTB community. You guys exude positivity that makes me grin from ear to ear like a silly little girl! =)

Bunny ❤

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