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And the winner goes to……















(Source: Kahwin Kawin Bridal)


Truth be told, I have never ever ever heard of Kahwin Kawin Bridal. A friend recommended KKB to me and I couldn’t get my mind off the abbreviation. KKB sounds like it could an abbrev.of a very vulgar word.

The name Kahwin Kawin Bridal sounded like a company my mum would engage when she got married. Like all the sanggul-sanggul and the kebaya indon, pipi  layered with blusher color sepink-pink tidak and what not.

However I’ve know this friend for quite a while and she has fab taste. Infact, she has the exact same taste as me (kirakan aku fab ah ni? let’s just agree to disagree thanks! ) so I know I can trust her recommendations. Right? And right she was!

Here, have a look-see! :

(P.S. Proceed with caution, I’m about to overwhelm you with  photos more than your mind can handle).

1620691_469926969780401_1959207450_n 1658617_478611768911921_1652805959_o 10014764_487886524651112_1108690997_o  10505025_543400849099679_2737910256288596631_o


1511053_502750006498097_5697155570764168636_n 10155125_498746806898417_856554759239943541_n 10348905_521434947962936_1803703381106220798_o 10493011_550639345042496_6800054693942565317_o

(Sources: Kahwin Kawin Bridal)



I did a thorough research on the company before I e-mailed them to set an appointment. Of course, there were fab reviews and the not-so-fab. Meh, I’m sure every company has had their share of bad reviews kan? So far, from what I’ve managed to gather, KKB is pretty alright. Never came across a read where a bride is left stranded in rags from this company. I guess we can all take that as a good sign.

(Going into story mode ni ha.) Speaking of which, I have a best friend who got hitched, like, 2 years ago. Oh boy, did she hate her wedding. Her outfits weren’t the ones she picked out and her fitting was scheduled 3 days before her wedding date.


Side track sikit, she only got her wedding album 1 year after her wedding. 1 year eh kawan-kawan, 1 whole year. (Fyi, she booked one of those Bridal companies who sources out external vendors for outfit, photography, makeup, gedebak gedebuk). Therefore, it was so, so difficult to have everything synchronized. 

K back to KKB.  Their makeup is a go for me, and trust me, you, I can be pretty anal about my eyebrows. Especially my eyebrows.  I almost wanted to draw on my own brows on my Engagement day if I had it my way. But gua maintain, tangan menggigil jer tahan taknak tepis tangan mak andam. I have major brows trust issues. MAJOR.

Anyway here are some of KKB’s beautiful works:

10466894_903694606314447_1355794585_n 10003454_494748420631589_1826733064841725916_n 10170987_504534512986313_1051751268758613361_n

(Sources: Kahwin Kawin Bridal)

I particularly lovex3 the makeup they did on the 1st and last bride. That’s exactly how my brows should look until the end of time.  Thin brows are out ladies. Thicker, fuller brows are the defo’ the way to go. It makes the face look less wide, makes you look youthful.

(By the way, one of the brides above happens to be an ex-school mate of mine, I just attended her wedding and she looked UH-MAZING!)

And, and, and KKB is offering packages that include Actual Day photography as well as Post/Pre Wedding Shoot. You can have both, or either, or neither.  Your pick really.

Me and Z opted for their package that comes with Bridal Outfits + Actual Day Photography. We were looking at their pre-wed shots and they weren’t as strong as the others we came across in Facebook. Yes, Facebook is a great way to source out inexpensive photographers,  trust me. Long gone are the days where you pose on bridges whilst lifelessly, and awkwardly,  look into your partner’s eyes and pay thousands to have that hung on your wall.  Cringe-fest.

Here’s what KKB’s Actual Day photography look like:


img_1473 img_1491 img_1726 img_1728 img_8109




May I just clarify that I am by no means a stalker. The reason why I’m posting photos of the same couple, is because, it’s KKB’s latest. Photography is a learning process. The more years you put into it, the better you’ll get. Ditto.

And from my observation, they have gotten better if you compare these photos to the ones they took years back.

I’ve always thought that I’d get a photographer who mega-filters their photos. I’m sure you know what’s trending these days, so you kinda get the gist of what I mean. Some people prefer them ol skool’, some prefer photos with an air of  whimsicality.

I thought to myself amd asked if I really wanted something like that on my wedding day. And I surprised myself with a resounding no. I wanted something clean and soft and most of all, clear and un-tainted by effects. I want each and every detail of my wedding to be seen since there will be, a thousand and one things going on.

But oh…my pre-wed shoot…my pre-wed shoot will be the complete opposite I promise. Macam lepaskan segala kegeraman pasal tak dapat main filter for AD gitu. 

Me and Z had sourced out other photographers and we fell in love with Bliss Photocinema. I’d say Bliss’s forte is AD photography without a doubt, but we opted for KKB’s instead. The reason is because it’s cheap lah kan. Hello 3 Bridal Outfits + Actual Day photography for approx. $3,100. A damn good deal I say! Also saves us the hassle of having to keep track of so many companies. Less vendors, less issues.

So anyway, me and Z set up an appointment to meet Ira, who owes the company.  She does everythaaang guurrl. Makeup, photography, editing of photos, designing outfits. You name it, she does them all. I mean, I can’t even make the bloody effort  to wake up 10 minutes early to go to work!

I thought Ira was really friendly, but not in a way that might put you off. It was obvious that she remained professional despite the constant grilling from my boyfriend. You see, my boyfriend and I, we’re completely the same but exact opposites. Yes, it sounds ridiculous and I agree that it is. Both of us are what you describe; the epitome of ‘kepala batu’, so much in fact, we’re capable of putting a literal batu to shame. We don’t bicker, nor do we squabble, we downright FIGHT.

He finds Ira talked abit too much for his liking, but I found it completely tolerable. I clearly remembered when she was going on about other brides and Z cut her short, ” OK. Let’s just get to the point ah. So how much is this going to cost us”. I was literally kicking him under the table. SO. RUDE.


Excuse me, we’re paying so much money, I’d like to get as many information about her services, relevant or otherwise, thank you very much.

And this was after me, warning him to behave before we even entered the studio.

Hais, his out-rightness and  lack of sensitivity disturbs my fragile senses.

So, ANYWAY, we put in a deposit right there and then, signed signed signed…and done! Phew. Dah takya nak huru hara pening cari bridal terhandal lagi.

Okay, done for the day, time to watch Game of Thrones.



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Shit balls.

I was warned. Now it’s too late. Too late.

I can’t describe the shame..oh the shame.

I have to let everyone know, I have an unhealthy addiction and I’d like to seek help.

These days, all I can think, dream, talk (to myself) about










What a way to ruin someone’s life sia.

Oh well, I’m not sorry.  lol. ;P



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Here Gurame, take my money!

Well the venue was pretty much decided to begin with. Z liked it, I LOVED it, so wham, bam, thank you ma’am!  Deposit made, venue’s booked and now we’re gonna have to work our butts off to pay the rest of the remaining balance.

There was once a time I told Z that I didn’t need a big wedding, infact, I was pretty much settled on getting married at ROMM. Chop chop quick quick (and cheap cheap!). I kept telling Z I didn’t want a huge wedding celebration, all I needed was a blissful marriage and of course, hoping he’ll compensate me with a Prada bag for being such a wonderful and understanding wife-to-be. Much funny, so lol!

And then, I so miang, I started thinking about the ‘what-ifs’. The ‘what-ifs’ ni kadang-kadang amat kuranghajar. It sways you from being the decisive person that you thought you were and sets you thinking on what you should deserve. So, Z, being the no-nonsense , (albeit me, the notoriously nonsensical one) put his foot down and decided that there should be a wedding since both of us are our parents’ first-borns anyway.

I said fine, and wanted to negotiate in having a small but luxurious wedding. Quality, not quantity, people!

Z then gave me an ultimatum, it’s either we go big or we go home. And then I stumbled upon a BTB’s site who had just booked to have their wedding am Gurame.

And after a few hours of research and looking at photos after photos, boy, was I a smitten little kitten. I knew I had to, HAD to have my wedding there. I so semangat take screenshots and whatsapp-ed Z but kena marah because apparently he’s swamped at work and I’m trying to make him say ‘yes’ without him checking out the venue. Zzzzz.

Check out the photos of Gurame below!


What. An alfresco area? Yes, please.


Look at all the space we have!

My mum initially suggested Charisma D’Venue:

image image image

It looks pretty, but being confined in a small enclosed area for long hours? No Mother, no. I’ll pass, thanks.  Also where will our guests park? I was told that they had to park along a narrow road and then kalau kena sama how? Haa kau haa kau. I don’t want them to remember my wedding as ‘ Oh yah Wani’s wedding, that’s where I got fined!’

I have to admit that having your wedding at Gurame can be pretty pricey. But me and Z are determined to pay every single cent by ourselves. No loans, no assistance from our parents. (Oh we fought long and hard about this). My parents wanted to help out financially but Z being Z, gave a firm no. Walau proud as a cock peacock this one. So from here on out, I will have to succumb into becoming an office slave, OT after OT, having to eat like a pauper (which will probably benefit my waist size).

Anyway, next up, our Bridal of choice!



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