Blogging Blob

Once upon a time there were 2 fat blobs. 1 blob starting going to the gym and has lost his tummy and started gaining muscles. That leaves with the remaining lonely blob who for the life of her, cannot muster the effort to even go for a jog.

Kindly assure me that I’m not alone in this. I see BTBs who have turned their eating and exercising habits a full 360 degrees and I’m here wondering how the heck they do it. I mean I’ve tried. Lasted about a week to say the least. I rrraccckkk disciprrriine!!


You know 2 months ago, I just ended my membership with True Fitness. Which I only visited once a month.  And about 1 month ago, I signed for Fitness First, which by the way is located in the same building as my office….but I’m still not fully utilising my membership. I recently went there to have a shower once, pasal hari panas rasa belengas. A SHOWER!

I don’t know if the lack of motivation comes from doing this alone. And don’t even tell me I should go and exercise with my fiance. He think I am the epitome of nonsense in the gym and I only serve as a distraction for him. And anyway he doesn’t take a liking to ‘fancy’ gyms which he thinks is a rip off. He’d rather go to those pakcik2 punye gym, bau peluh 3 hari kinda environment.

I feel like I need a personal trainer. Like a REAL2 personal trainer. I’ve tried classes. You know, Zumba and all that jazz. It’s okay but I don’t feel like I’m working up a sweat. Hot yoga is SO AWESOME by the way. You will sweat like a babi goreng. Too bad they only offer hot yoga in True Fitness. FML.

I’ve seen a couple of local websites that offer personal trainers for specifically BTBs. I’ll check them out and let you guys know what that shit is all about.

On a different note, I got to provide my makeup service to one of the BTB that you might know! It’s so exciting to meet someone in person especially when you’ve followed their blog.  Can you recognise who it is?


CYMERA_20150208_184902 CYMERA_20150208_184723

She’s so cute in real life! Reminds me of a pollypocket. Which by the way if you’re reading this Qaiyimah, is a compliment!  XD

il_fullxfull.344699143I don’t know, it’s just a way I’d describe a cute, pretty girl. Pollypockets.

** Disclaimer: The engagement assignment above is not associated with Peti Solek.

Anyway!  I’ll be ending my post here, because laziness is getting the best of me. Damn you lazyfat cells. I will vanquish you. Soon. Now I need to go eat a donut.


Bunny ❤



14 thoughts on “Blogging Blob

  1. kinOkz says:

    i feel you babe! 9 months to my wedding & im still not doing anything to my weight. Wanted to exercise but keep procrastinating.

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  2. wahh loving the before and after! 🙂

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  3. N.Qaiyimah says:

    Ohmy! My face terpampang on your blog! And about the exercise thing, yes, I am in exactly the same boat as you! Tak de drive langsung and also can’t go with the fiancee cause he said I will drag him down. Grrr..

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    • waniserbunny says:

      Hahahaha, ala skali skala terpampang okay lah! Anyway, at least you still have till 2016. I have 10 more months and I’ve gained more weight faster than I can lose them! This morning I saW someone staring at my tummy in the train contemplating whether to give up the seat to me or not. KONGHAJAAAAAHH!

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    • ariescinderella says:

      ure so pretty!!! n some more its peti solek mua.. congrats on ur engagement!! ;))

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  4. ariescinderella says:

    salam babe, me n my future fiance has been jogging and running outside after work at least twice a week, lepas tu we went for makan, but for makan part we didn’t really control though but we share 1 plate of main dish, n we signed up for marathons together this coming apr we r going for a 10km marathon for run350. y not u try doing jogging together..??

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    • waniserbunny says:

      We tried, many times! We can’t jog together, his pace is completely different from mine. Asal jogging together aje gaduh! I’m not even kidding! =(((


  5. i told myself 1 year before wedding must start exercising..then became 6 da cross that 6 months pun masih tak gerak…anyway da took measurements for bajus i guess dah lambat dah for me!

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  6. shahirrrah says:

    Lupakan sahaja cita2 nak exercise/jog/lose weight cos trust me, you will have no time. Mane nak juggle work, at home stuff and wedding stuff. My jogging shoes kemana and my appetite tak payah ckp la hari2 lantak makanan aje LOL! Just maintain ur weight shud be good enuf la.

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  7. […] The lovely make-up was done by Wanie, a fellow BTB as well! The very last photo I capuk from her blog entry, btw! […]


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