Better to Perah than to kena Prekkk!!!


Sometimes, benda gini tak payah ajar lah kan. Nanti aku dah ajar, orang panggil aku kurang ajar.

(Hahaha with a tinge of haiz.)

I get that these vendors might be busy but agak-agak lah wey 5 days later baru nak reply. Tu pon aku prompt. Kalau tak?

I also get that you have a thousand and one (oh tak eh?) orders coming in, but to that single BTB, you’re the only one (wedding cake) vendor she has carefully selected and booked so jangan lah buat orang menggila babs unnecessarily. Doesn’t take 5 seconds to acknowledge a text message…and DONE. BTB happy kau happy semua orang happy. *throws confetti in ya face*

Korang faham kan gitewww? Am I being so absurd?


Bunny ❤


11 thoughts on “Better to Perah than to kena Prekkk!!!

  1. I think it’s not just a matter of acknowledging msges but also for receiving payment..! And also confirming our orders. Geez.

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  2. Sabar babe… i think she go umrah last week or 2 weeks.. mayb tts y lambat kot.. 🙂


  3. szaifa says:

    Oh no.. I’m engaging her as well seh 😦


    • waniserbunny says:

      Don’t worry about it! I’m sure she’s alright. I aje yg pantang kalau i da buat deposit tapi tak acknowledge. Like not very nice like that. And she doesn’t even make an effort to at least sound apologetic in her text msg. =/


  4. sugarfreevani11a says:

    Its a no no for me bt mana tahu she ada family issue or smthn. I always have this mantra. Think for 3 positive b4 1 negative. At most jadi bridezilla spam. Wer all only human after all.

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  5. shydasairi says:

    Hahaha I feel u babe! I pon tak suka Klw vendors take their own sweet time to update me. Example janji bsk, Abeh smpai next week I msg lagi baru la nk reply! Tsk.

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  6. jujupsie says:

    I don’t deny that she take little longer to reply messages. Ordered a few times from her, the end product was delivered as per promised and no invoice were given. Her style was: giving quotation, placed order, transferred payment and a month before the event she will contact you. I pon kancheong/bingit at first but after a few times of ordering, i’m okay already. Put abit trust on your vendor. Plus her end product doesn’t dissapoint at all. 🙂

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    • waniserbunny says:

      I’m pretty sure she’ll do a great job no doubt. Just wanted to ensure that she’s received payment or not. I’ve encountered vendors who claim they have not received any deposit when I’ve alr transferred to them. And then a few months later still ask if I da confirm dgn dorang ke belom. (eg my decor company omg)….waaahhh mcm nak headbanging diri against the wall je. =’)

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