Secret Photos

Hi all! Today I am super unproductive in the office, hence this post.

I think I am going to die of exhaustion.

But it was all well worth it since I got to work with such a lovely bride yesterday. So patient, so kind, so sweet. You know, traits that I see in myself. HAHAHAHHAHAA. Diam sudah.

But in all seriousness, if there were more brides like Wardah, wahh..the world would be a beautiful place.

Anyway, these are the secret photos below which (most) did not make it on our official FB/Instagram because they said my phone sucks and the lighting in my photos tak pass the quality check process. Sheesh! You all don’t paoto me ah…later I cannot post secret photos anymore! =(

So I damn bopian, I needed to post these photos somewhere because I am Queen when it comes to losing phones. I can’t store photos in there fuh-evarr anyway what!

P.S. Kak Yana, if you are spying and reading this, give chance lah. K thanks. =’ )

11295577_892188200847209_9204313206121252009_n 11295851_892306654168697_2688818948977382330_n CYMERA_20150601_100315CYMERA_20150601_100544 CYMERA_20150601_100417   CYMERA_20150601_100607IMG-20150601-WA0006(1)Ok dah, dah habes. (BTW I can still take freelance assignments until end of July! FYI!)


Bunny ❤


2 thoughts on “Secret Photos

  1. E12H12 says:

    Oh my gucci ! That is a job well done. The bride is already cantik on top of all that makeup super gorgeous 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

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