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Videographer : Clinched!

Once upon a time, I thought the idea of having a videographer was slap-in-the-knee super lame, and I couldn’t grasp the concept. And that it was just something gimmicky that photographers incorporate into their package in hopes of sucking out more blood money from us, the unsuspecting grooms and brides-to-be.

Weren’t photos enough? Asal ngada2 nak kena video ni semua. I wasn’t interested and the thought of wasting a major portion of our money for it was off-putting. Though at that point of time, I had never watched a single wedding video. (But still had the balls to pass judgement). Mintak kena hiyak-dishh x 2! 

And then, I did some serious, extensive CSI research on wedding videography, you know, to see what it’s all about. And man, did I ever cave. I CAVED damn you.

There was a special something in videos that photography just cannot capture. K bawak bertenang.

I trusted the BTBs of the wedding blogosphere world to have already listed out the finest videographers in the industry on their pages. Well well, you guys did not disappoint!

Of course, there was everyone’s top favourite:

Bliss Photo+Cinema


(Source: Bliss Photo+Cinema)

Here’s a highlight video from Bliss Photo+Cinema:

(Source: Bliss Photo+Cinema)

I mean  it’s alright…but it didn’t manage to blow me away or anything. Like I said, Bliss Photo+Cinema is totally in my good-to-go list for a pre-wedding shoot. But, other than that…I’d have to sleep on it.

Then there were talks about another contender:


Check them out:

(Source: Videosmith)

Nothing struck me with this one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely video,  with a lovely looking couple. It just did. not. strike. a. chord. with. me.

There were a few other solid videographers around, but me and Z finally found one we both liked loved. We saw their videos and fell in love with them. Hard.

It was so chop-chop, no more thinking, no second-guesses, no what-if’s. I emailed them, set an appointment, went for the appointment a few days later, laid down a deposit and secured a slot. Whatintheworld. Madness.

I do get that some couples would rather go for several appointments with different companies before they come to a concrete decision. I’m the complete opposite. All my vendors were secured within the 1st appointment. We only met up with 1 company from each industry, that’s it. And this is also thanks to my tabiat pemalas

Ok enough talk.

The videographer we struck gold with is none other than:

Red Tape Projects

Here are my top 3 favorite highlight videos from them:


(Sources : Red Tape Projects)

I love the way how each videos starts off. Though I do realise that these are just highlights, I thought they were splendidly done.

PAUSE KEJAP PLEASE. I feel the need to unnecessarily share my comments on each vid.

Haikal + Adlina: I found the entire video to be ridiculously cool lah kan. And the couples’ outfit (2:52), is nothing short of unique, the entire get-up (ala2 P. Ramlee) definitely deserves a mention. It was so ol’ skool, right down to the dais. The wedding was held at Jalan Ampas; Wheeler’s Yard.

Azri + Quraisha: This video, I find, is super adorable. The couple in it is a mixture of all sorts of cute. I can tell both groom & bride exude spontaneity.

Fathi + Dira: Can I just take a second to tell you how gorgeous the bride’s white wedding gown is? And also just how diabetic-ally sweet this video is?

And these were the videos that had mine & Z’s hearts set on Red Tape. (Btw, Red Tape sound so XXX. Haha. Sigh…me and names.)

We met up with the husband-wife duo team, Nurul and Ayim. Oh god, I hope I got their names right.

We went to their home office located at Chestnut Avenue, but before that, we just had to get lost. It has become a tradition really, me & Z, losing our way before any important appointments. There were a whole bloody series of Chestnut roads eh. Chestnut Drive, Chestnut Crescent, Chestnut Lane, Chestnut Bapakkau.

We took a taxi but ended up having to walk for a good half an hour after. And all these while kena an earful by Z for giving Uncle Taxi the wrong direction. (lol. which I did.) Excuse my wedding brain, tengah excited what!

So apparently, their home office is this new, jaw-dropping gorgeous condominium. Smacked right in the middle of nowhere. When we finally arrived at Chestnut Avenue, me and Z were like ,” Waaait…This can’t be it.”  WELL IT IS IT.

By the time we were at their front door, we were sweating buckets. Makeup dah cair, rambut dah ronyok. Pandang sekali mesti hilang selera. SO. EMBARRASSING.

Ayim heartily greeted us and so we entered their stunning home. I can say, hands down, without a doubt, they are by far the friendliest, most down-to-earth people to ever exist. They made us feel welcomed and I found them to be so easy and pleasant to talk to.


(That’s Ayim in black, far right wearing a cap & Nurul, obviously the rose amongst the thorns)

They weren’t hoity-toity like one would expect from most condo-occupants. Ayim looks like the kind of guy who has no problem lepak-ing with members kat kedai kopi sampai pagi and Nurul is the kind who would listen to you in fascination and be like, ” OMG ya! ya! Me tooo!!

They didn’t make the appointment seem like an appointment at all. It was still raya at that point of time, so they were like “Eh jempot lah makan, asal taknak makan, sedap tau tapak kuda”. (memang sedap, aku actually da makan banyak, orang je tak nampak).

Red Tape Projects offers photography (see below) as well but we were more attracted to their video packages, since I feel that it is their area of expertise. So they showed us videos after videos, explained their packages, and one of the things I appreciated was how flexible they were with the deposit. They didn’t care to fix a certain amount. ** well there was a fixed deposit stated on their printed package, but they were pretty alright with not receiving the full deposit during the appointment **

I can only wish that more vendors would follow suit. Planning a wedding is no piece of cake. The best companies get snagged within a moment’s notice and if you don’t put a certain amount of deposit, then you can kiss your dream wedding goodbye. It’s so overwhelming to come up with deposits after deposits, and by the hundreds too, just so your date’s secured. There are times that I wished I shat out cash. Really.

A few photos by Red Tape Projects:

1800225_787416841286993_1260235459_n 10176183_820782514617092_2528748687574703060_n 10435933_855583664470310_813657390228059950_n

(Sources: Red Tape Projects)

So anyways, we’ve got our Videographer, and I for one, am super pleased with our decision.  *throws confetti*


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