When The Going Gets Tough.

So I know I haven’t been posting much lately. I’m going through a whirlwind of events as of late, more than I can handle to be frank.

Was recently diagnosed with a sickness that’ll take about more than half a year to recover and the icing on my glorious cake is that my dad had been recently diagnosed with cancer. Stage 3.

He’s just started going for radiation therapy and soon will be undergoing chemo. It’s really disheartening to see someone so strong become so weak in front of your eyes.

Sometimes everything gets so surreal and I ask why me? Why now? I’m getting married this year and eveything seemed to be going so well. I guess God has other plans. Suddenly the littlest of things I’ve been worrying about seem so miniscule. Things like the color of my bouquet,  the layout of my wedding invites, the color of my bridemaids’ dress.

I KNOW I’ll get through this but man, the world can’t seem to give me a break. I’m just glad I have Z, cos really, there’s noone else I’d rather be with when the shit hits the fan.

Bunny ❤


Blogging Blob

Once upon a time there were 2 fat blobs. 1 blob starting going to the gym and has lost his tummy and started gaining muscles. That leaves with the remaining lonely blob who for the life of her, cannot muster the effort to even go for a jog.

Kindly assure me that I’m not alone in this. I see BTBs who have turned their eating and exercising habits a full 360 degrees and I’m here wondering how the heck they do it. I mean I’ve tried. Lasted about a week to say the least. I rrraccckkk disciprrriine!!


You know 2 months ago, I just ended my membership with True Fitness. Which I only visited once a month.  And about 1 month ago, I signed for Fitness First, which by the way is located in the same building as my office….but I’m still not fully utilising my membership. I recently went there to have a shower once, pasal hari panas rasa belengas. A SHOWER!

I don’t know if the lack of motivation comes from doing this alone. And don’t even tell me I should go and exercise with my fiance. He think I am the epitome of nonsense in the gym and I only serve as a distraction for him. And anyway he doesn’t take a liking to ‘fancy’ gyms which he thinks is a rip off. He’d rather go to those pakcik2 punye gym, bau peluh 3 hari kinda environment.

I feel like I need a personal trainer. Like a REAL2 personal trainer. I’ve tried classes. You know, Zumba and all that jazz. It’s okay but I don’t feel like I’m working up a sweat. Hot yoga is SO AWESOME by the way. You will sweat like a babi goreng. Too bad they only offer hot yoga in True Fitness. FML.

I’ve seen a couple of local websites that offer personal trainers for specifically BTBs. I’ll check them out and let you guys know what that shit is all about.

On a different note, I got to provide my makeup service to one of the BTB that you might know! It’s so exciting to meet someone in person especially when you’ve followed their blog.  Can you recognise who it is?


CYMERA_20150208_184902 CYMERA_20150208_184723

She’s so cute in real life! Reminds me of a pollypocket. Which by the way if you’re reading this Qaiyimah, is a compliment!  XD

il_fullxfull.344699143I don’t know, it’s just a way I’d describe a cute, pretty girl. Pollypockets.

** Disclaimer: The engagement assignment above is not associated with Peti Solek.

Anyway!  I’ll be ending my post here, because laziness is getting the best of me. Damn you lazyfat cells. I will vanquish you. Soon. Now I need to go eat a donut.


Bunny ❤



photo (7)

Woah I’m getting married this year, woah.  **shudders**


Bunny ❤

What the heck you guysssss???!!

Korang2 betol punye fastest fingers first eh! Naughty eh! Tarak kasi wa chance wo…

Super frustrated and I know I only have myself to blame. Wanted to have my kompang booked but ALAS! Semua yang aku nak dah signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours by other more efficient brides-to-be.  And also, I’d like to especially and lovingly extend the blame to my fiance, Z, for spending so much of his time……DOING NOTHING.  Kata je, ” Okay2 I research kkkkk”. Habok pon takde.

Akrab and Andika Prak Bing Bing has been fully booked. Booked sampai 2020 agaknye. I don’t know any other kompang groups because , let’s be honest, it’s just not something me and Z would extensively look into (because he thinks he’s French and can’t be bothered about the Malay culture) and also we would not have thought in a million years that itu adalah pilihan orang ramai.

I bet Z would be super ecstatic if I were to strike out kompang from the checklist. Relax sudah bro.

I was looking at the other kompang troops available but semua pakai songkok tinggi2 and adorned with feathers pulak…..walauwey! And then the baju all kilat2 and beraneka warna mcm chingay festival. Please. Jangan.

My fellow BTB’s , as you can all see, I am alone because SOME people tak boleh harap. Can you guys please recommend any other kompang groups so I might at least have a look into it? Kasihani lah diri ku ini.



Wani ❤

An inkling of thought. But not so important ah.

Are you already at that point in your relationship where you ask for an opinion from your partner and he simply sighs and goes ,” Does it really matter? You’ll do the exact opposite anyway”.

I can’t help it lah, it’s like a bloody reflex. Me likes to dominate. Who run the world? Girls what. Not I say one, Beyonce say one. =(

Bunny ❤

Red lips are sexy, no?


Under the watchful eye of Yaya Yusoff. Hahahahaa. Nasib pass! ;P

I’m starting to think that the old Hollywood Glamour style might look great on almost everyone. Don’t be afraid of donning on a red lipstick. I know some red lipsticks might look abit ‘off’ on some people, but that’s just simply because you’ve got the wrong shade of red for your skin tone!

Here’s a guide!



So get out, go buy a red lipstick, wear it, and most importantly, WORK IT.


Bunny ❤




These past few days I have been quite malas nak mams. By this time, I should have had my emcee and deejay booked but I couldn’t find any good ones out there.

I don’t want an emcee yang English chapalang berterabuh case tak boleh kutip tau. I want this, I want that, but I don’t have the energy to research and do any sourcing out anymore. Kadang2 macam nak drop everything and nikah jer kat masjid. But then again, tu pon I taknak. Omg indecisive much.

On a different note, my sisters brought in a cat to the house. Permanently. I have been terrorised by this cat lately. I don’t think I’m afraid of animals, per se. I just have problems when they come too close to me.

Here’s Yuki, the current terror of my life:


It’s safe to say that I’m not a heartless person. Time2 bila wire trip sikit, a surge of courage comes and I’ll occasionally pet him. And that’s about it.

By the way Yuki means ‘snow’ in Japanese. And then my sisters being the ever loving owners, started with the name calling, ” Yuki mak kau” , “Kepala Yuki”, “Yuki-tiang” and also “Yuki berbulu”. Charming.

Aku dah cakap panggil jer Abu, korang taknak.



Bunny ❤


Bombshell Alert.

I should probably kick-start my hunt on securing other middle-weight vendors since yang heavy2 punye all sudah settle liao.

I’ve yet to secure my DJ/emcee & pre/post wed photography. Well, initially we did sign up with a particular emcee, but we decided to cancel and that is another story for another day.

Anyway, did another face. Did another face sounds wrong btw. This girl is such a bombshell, a.k.a, meletopz bro.


Muka so exotic I cannot tahan.


Anyway, my energy’s all drained out. I will sign off before I pengsan.


Bunny ❤



My sister became my guinea pig for one of my prep-classes in PSTBR. Yaya was so lovely and the tips she gave me was da bomb. I really hope the brides (whoever they may be) that are getting me as their MUA, will be rest assured that I’m going to do a bangin’ job on you guys. (From one BTB to another, I know how important this is, truly).

I’m a stickler for brows and I’ll make sure your brows are amaze-balls before anything else.

(btw, apologies for the rambut sarap. My sister insists she wants her hair to look sarap.)




Bunny ❤

You like or not.

So how did you like the previous post, courtesy of my very manly man. -_-”

I feel like someone had just smeared a chunk of reality poop all over my girly, fairy dusted blog. But then again, I’m glad I have someone who’s able to overlook all the sunshines and rainbows and is more than prepared to take on the nitty gritty stuff. I am very thankful to have someone who keeps me in check and make sure my feet are firmly grounded.

You see I’m a dreamer, he’s a realist. I take risks, he proceeds with caution. I like living on the edge, he prefers stability and being in the know. I’m the color of  a rainbow, he sees things in black and white. We’re not exactly the perfect match,  but all I know is that we’re both opinionated individuals. We try to out-talk, out-debate, outsmart each other. I guess opposites attract, as cliché as that might sound.

Most of the time we can’t see eye to eye,  but we agree to disagree. We try.

Of course, there are redeeming qualities about the dude and at the end of the day, love trumps all. Always.

So lemme know if you guys enjoyed his post and I’ll get him to write once a while as a guest writer. You know, through the mind of all men. Like if you have questions such as:

eg.  Why don’t men care more about the color of our pelamin?

       What do men really think about our wedding dresses? Do they give a sh*t?

       Why does he want to hang a gun on my damn wall?

       Why do boys say sorry but don’t know what they’re saying sorry for?

In any case you don’t like that there’s a boy writing on my blog, I will ban him forever. But I promise you, you can trust him into giving an honest opinion, straight-up facts, there is no way in hell I can get him to sweeten up his writing style. Lol. Believe me I’ve tried.


Bunny ❤


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