Me and Z were one of those fortunate couples who managed to secure a flat on the first try. Alhamdulillah.

I still remembered exactly where that happened because we applied for our future home at a dodgy online cyber gaming cafe surrounded by nerds and ah bengs whose mission in life is to render first aid to their teams who got bit by a zombie. Bising k tempat tu.

I remembered me sitting on Z’s lap while both of us quickly tried to finish off forms after forms and literally screaming at one another for personal details due to the immense noise of guns, fires a-blazing and monsters exploding. Please also note that me sitting on Z’s lap does not constitute to the performing of le sexy act, but it’s mainly because the other chairs next to us were occupied by fanatic committed gamers.

So about ten thousand clicks later, we’ve finally arrived at the finishing line where I clicked on ‘submit’ followed by ‘Bismillah’ under my breath. And waddya know, an awesome ballot number was issued to us a month later for Eastbank@Canberra.





Everything has been approved and signed for and we’re gleefully waiting for construction to commence. To be frank, I had my doubts, Eastbank was nowhere near the MRT, it’s located in between Sembawang and Yishun, neither here nor there; macam the rejected child of a secret wedding. Dah lah situated tepi longkang besar! (Which they say will be turned into a ‘waterway’ or whatever).

Yeah right like I’m buying into that wordplay nonsense. We all know that’s just another fancy word for a fancy longkang. Ain’t fooling me ya’ll.

With that being said, noone wanted to apply when this particular BTO was announced. That’s a real damn shame because..

LO & BEHOLD, an official announcement was made a few weeks back that a NEW station will be constructed between Yishun and Sembawang; Canberra Station. Ladies & Gentlemen, we’ve hit a goldmine! Not only will our home be a walking distance from the MRT, it is THE MRT. A main one! Not the adek-adek version, LRT lah NEL lah, Downtown line lah, Circle line lah. We’ll be getting the North South line!



HAH! Take that in the nuts, you non-believers!


So I guess that’s settled. Now… The real issue is how do I manipulate Z into turning one of the rooms in a makeup/walk-in closet…*rubs hands together*


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