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Décor: The Gorgeous Jentayu

First, let us all marvel at the wonder that is, Jentayu.

206498_205626192793462_2111638_n 459622_417017591654320_566344176_o 542656_481302455225833_1884683595_n 556217_417014734987939_1602037726_n 10505125_770557046300371_3321600633042300959_o

(Source: Jentayu Gallery)

OK, moment over.

I knew Jentayu, errr’body knows Jentayu, those that are NOT getting married knows Jentayu.  I fell head over heels when me & Z went to THE main wedding exhibition in Expo (I can’t remember the name of said event). Whatever, I go every year with no purpose, lol, well except…the food.

Z never fails to tremble with fear every time I drag him down and dive head first to any pameran pengantin. Trick: Must do a pathetic face, only then he relents.


From the start, Jentayu has been pujaan hati ku. How do they manage to make the next decor vendor look like a drab all the time is beyond me.

Right off the bat, Jentayu wasn’t my first option, since me guts tells me it’s going to be expensive. Fact is, I didn’t think I wanted a decor company at all, seeing that Gurame provides decor and dias.

But basic.

Very basic.



(Source: Wedding Jitters)

Being ever so coy, so cunning and so clever, I managed to talk Z into engaging an external decor company. Keith, the Manager of Gurame informed that we can definitely do-away with their decorations and they can offset the price to something else. Nak top up makan ke….nak pay for cleaning services ke…suka hati ikut cita rasa masing-masing. I, for one, was pleased by how flexible Keith was with their wedding packages. Even allowing us to have an extra hour for Nikah! I forgot to mention Keith I know. You guys would like him. He’s a friendly dude, easy to talk to, very down-to-earth.


We were told that Fatimah Mohsin is totally banned from Gurame……like forever! Because apparently FM does not know how to follow rules. Like jangan ketok2 paku on their property…tapi KETOK JUGAK. Ok lah maybe not banned  forever, I don’treally  know for how long. Keith mentioned it as being a taboo or something. I don’t know if he’s just avoiding from getting his property damaged or if…or if….*** woooo~~wooo~~I mean, Gurame is, after all, located just by the sea. 

***woooo~~wooo~~ is a sound made by a ghost. In my head.

Anyway! The first decor company I find myself wanting was Mariah & Shah. Tell me you don’t want them. I dare you.

423798_10150646883976708_267714704_n 483000_10151140047321708_767370127_n 968968_10151624650781708_867164059_n 1012305_10151624650266708_606926251_n

(Source: Mariah & Sham)

Oh and they did one at Gurame as well:


10258026_10152315822006708_2681398642805661368_n 10264908_10152315821776708_4193553690966184757_n(Sources: Mariah & Sham)

My heart skipped a beat, you know in a good way. I knew I had to have them. It was exactly what I wanted. The dais, ahhh..so clean, so simple, not too heavily decorated. I mean would you cover up a sea-view pelamin?? Mad love for M & S. (Lol, nasib baik bukan S&M! haha.) 

So I emailed them immediately, and I think they only managed to reply EONS later after which they never replied again. MATI KERING.


So that’s that. It doesn’t bloody matter if you’re the cream of the crop, if you don’t think replying e-mails is worth doing, then I’ll take my money somewhere else, really. I don’t get vendors who just don’t give a shit. At least have the decency to set an auto reply to inform your potential clients that you’ll be away or something.  NI TAKDE. No work ethics, none at all. Ape lagi, skip ah jack!

Next contestant, DaunDco & Wedding. Who I have to admit, does a damn impressive void-deck job. You can hardly tell that it’s a void deck, I kid you not!

294237_278160555540415_906834717_n 557459_455280294495106_914655343_n 10151013_717665508256582_1898030297_n 10330250_744861288870337_64675045464196030_n 10418966_879788815372237_8191051656446571640_n 10501821_879788898705562_8450147656279195576_n

(Source: DaunDco & Wedding)

HOMAHGAAAWD! HOMAHGAAAWD! HOMAHGAAAWD! It’s super pretty, and man, the colors they incorporate into each wedding decor, urgh! Right there, you can recognize effort when you see it. Wanted but, I don’t know. I would have signed their papers in a heartbeat if I were to have a void-deck wedding, no questions asked.  But I kinda felt like I had to look for a decor company who has had a hand at the location that me & Z are getting married at.

So that led us back to…Jentayu again.

We met up with Joji, put down a deposit and done! I was happy with my choice, wasn’t ecstatic, but happy. AND THEN I GOT HAPPIER.

A few weeks later, Jentayu posted several photos of a job they did at Gurame. Jempot lah tengok:

photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 2 photo 4

(Source: Jentayu Gallery)

Oh did I mention the brooding troll that lives under a bridge, who was with me at the appointment with Jentayu? Yup, he was just sitting there, so deadly quiet, just…brooding. Joji even asked why was he so quiet. * throws hands in exasperation*

And then when we got out of there, he was like, “I gave my opinion what”. NO EH, a 2-word answer is NOT an opinion.

But then member pacified me by bringing me to Changi to eat satay. LOL. I am so disturbingly easy to please.


Aku nak pelamin kelihatan suci tak boleh ke! xD

So there’s that. Settle to the kettle. Could not be happier with our choice of décor company!!




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Here Gurame, take my money!

Well the venue was pretty much decided to begin with. Z liked it, I LOVED it, so wham, bam, thank you ma’am!  Deposit made, venue’s booked and now we’re gonna have to work our butts off to pay the rest of the remaining balance.

There was once a time I told Z that I didn’t need a big wedding, infact, I was pretty much settled on getting married at ROMM. Chop chop quick quick (and cheap cheap!). I kept telling Z I didn’t want a huge wedding celebration, all I needed was a blissful marriage and of course, hoping he’ll compensate me with a Prada bag for being such a wonderful and understanding wife-to-be. Much funny, so lol!

And then, I so miang, I started thinking about the ‘what-ifs’. The ‘what-ifs’ ni kadang-kadang amat kuranghajar. It sways you from being the decisive person that you thought you were and sets you thinking on what you should deserve. So, Z, being the no-nonsense , (albeit me, the notoriously nonsensical one) put his foot down and decided that there should be a wedding since both of us are our parents’ first-borns anyway.

I said fine, and wanted to negotiate in having a small but luxurious wedding. Quality, not quantity, people!

Z then gave me an ultimatum, it’s either we go big or we go home. And then I stumbled upon a BTB’s site who had just booked to have their wedding am Gurame.

And after a few hours of research and looking at photos after photos, boy, was I a smitten little kitten. I knew I had to, HAD to have my wedding there. I so semangat take screenshots and whatsapp-ed Z but kena marah because apparently he’s swamped at work and I’m trying to make him say ‘yes’ without him checking out the venue. Zzzzz.

Check out the photos of Gurame below!


What. An alfresco area? Yes, please.


Look at all the space we have!

My mum initially suggested Charisma D’Venue:

image image image

It looks pretty, but being confined in a small enclosed area for long hours? No Mother, no. I’ll pass, thanks.  Also where will our guests park? I was told that they had to park along a narrow road and then kalau kena sama how? Haa kau haa kau. I don’t want them to remember my wedding as ‘ Oh yah Wani’s wedding, that’s where I got fined!’

I have to admit that having your wedding at Gurame can be pretty pricey. But me and Z are determined to pay every single cent by ourselves. No loans, no assistance from our parents. (Oh we fought long and hard about this). My parents wanted to help out financially but Z being Z, gave a firm no. Walau proud as a cock peacock this one. So from here on out, I will have to succumb into becoming an office slave, OT after OT, having to eat like a pauper (which will probably benefit my waist size).

Anyway, next up, our Bridal of choice!



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